Interview Trainings Advanced Grants

The interview is an important part of the ERC evaluation process. Here you can find out how the National Contact Point ERC can support you in this process.

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Interviews are part of the evaluation process of the ERC Advanced Grants for the first time in the current Call for Applications. That’s why the National Contact Point ERC offers interview trainings for Advanced-Grants applicants to prepare.

The NKS ERC will provide trainings for applicants of all three domains (PE, LS and SSH).

The NKS ERC training consists of two parts. Firstly, we will email you an info package in due time after the registration has closed, so that you have enough time for your individual and independent preparation. These documents will also be sent to candidates on the waiting list.

The information package includes information:

  • on the current round of tenders
  • on the evaluation process and interview procedure in Brussels
  • Experience from interviews with the other ERC funding lines
  • Tips on how to organize your presentation

On the scheduled dates, the interview situation is going to be simulated in training sessions. Each participant gives a lecture according to the specifications of the respective ERC panel. This is followed by a Q&A session on the lecture and then a feedback round by the panel. The trainer, the NCP ERC and the other participants act as mock panels.

All trainings are conducted online and in English. Participation in the trainings is free of charge.

We will announce the dates as well as registration options on this page and via our newsletter.

Contact person of the NCP ERC for further questions: Katharina Spannhake and Liane Lewerentz.

If you already have access to individual coaching elsewhere, we kindly ask you to make use of this possibility and to keep the NCP ERC training free for colleagues who do not have this opportunity.