Horizon Europe Advisory Service

The German Horizon Europe Advisory Service consists of a tightly knit network of contact points that can help you orientate yourself and help guide you to possible paths and solutions. Many of these contact points are part of the EU Bureau.

Schon gehört? 🤔

Die 🇪🇺EU und 🇮🇳 Indien haben nun eine Kooperation vereinbart, um 11 #HorizonEU Topics im Bereich der Klimaneutralität gemeinsam zu finanzieren.

Die #NKS KEM hat für Sie die wichtigsten Details zu den Themen für Sie zusammen! 👇

#HorizonEU call on empowering higher education institutions to develop in line with the #EUResearchArea 👇
Unsure of the call specific conditions? Get in touch with your national contact point 📞📨: ec.europa.eu/info/funding-t… twitter.com/REA_research/s…
💡Weitere Informationen zu Ausschreibungen in Destination 1 und auch zu den weiteren Destinationen im Cluster Gesundheit ⚕️finden Sie auf der Seite der #NKS Gesundheit- nksgesundheit.de/de/Ausschreibu…
The 2023 #HorizonEU Health calls are out!

🟠The topic under destination 1 focuses on person-centred health and long-term care, and on the needs of healthy and vulnerable older people

📌Learn more and apply by 13 April 2023

Sie suchen nach Fördermöglichkeiten für Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften & sind in #Cluster2 nicht fündig geworden?🤷‍♂️

⬇️Das "Opportunities Dokument" hilft ihnen, alle Bereiche von #HorizontEuropa nach interessanten Ausschreibungen zu screenen & das richtige Thema zu finden.💡 twitter.com/Net4Society/st…
Grant agreements signed✍️

27projects recently signed grants with the @EU_Commission worth €180million

The projects are from a 2022 call for proposals for #EU funding under #HorizonEU - Research Infrastructures🇪🇺

Find out more: europa.eu/!tRCbVb
Am 📅 13.02. informieren @EEN_Deutschland und die #NKS EIT von ⏰ 11:15-12 Uhr online zur Initiative Neues Europäisches Bauhaus (NEB) und dem Call NEB Booster 2.0. Mehr unter ib-sh.de/aktuelles/term…
📣 Achtung: Am 13.02. soll der erste Call der Partnerschaft @BlueEconomyEU 🐟🌊 starten. Er wird 5 prioritäre Themen zugunsten einer nachhaltigen und robusten Blue Economy ansprechen. 🇩🇪 Einrichtungen sind teilnahmeberechtigt. Mehr Infos unter bluepartnership.eu/#call

National Contact Points within the EU Bureau of the BMBF

National Contact Points (NCPs) are formed of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience of specific areas within Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, who are at your disposal. NCPs are officially named to the European Commission by national governments. They support applicants during the entire lifecycle of an EU project, from helping with the initial classification of an idea, through providing support during the application and submission process and continuing to offer this support during project implementation and wrap-up phases. Advisory services are confidential and free of charge. All NCPs are organised in a joint NCP Network coordinated by the EU Bureau of the BMBF.

The NCPs displayed below maintain English versions of their pages. In addition, the following NCPs are also located in the EU Bureau but their information is available in German only: NCP Coordination, Legal and Financial Aspects, Research Infrastructures, European Research Area, EU Missions. Although not all NCPs at the EU Bureau operate English pages, all NCPs will be happy to assist you in English. You can find contact information for all the NCPs on our contacts page. If you are uncertain which NCP to contact, please get in touch with the Horizon Europe Front Office for further assistance.

Additional Advisory Services

In addition to official NCPs, the EU Bureau of the BMBF also hosts other Contact Points (CPs). These offer advice on interdisciplinary topics and have similar tasks to those of the NCPs. The difference to NCPs is that CPs do not have counterparts at European level. CPs are organised alongside NCPs as part of the NCP Network. At the EU Bureau of the BMBF, the following Contact Points have been established: European Partnerships, Women into EU Research, COST - Initiative for Scientific and Technological Cooperation in Europe, EU Synergies in Research and Innovation, Knowledge Transfer / IPR, Ethics.

The following CPs maintain English versions of their pages: