Synergy Grants

ERC Synergy Grants support teams of two to four outstanding researchers.

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ERC Synergy Grants (SyG) are targeted at teams of two to four outstanding researchers.

SyG-funded projects should lead to discoveries at the boundaries between established disciplines and lead to substantial progress at the frontiers of knowledge. This includes, for example, the development of novel research methods and technologies as well as innovative approaches. A convincing synergistic combination of expertise and experience among the researchers involved is crucial to demonstrating the feasibility and scientific impact of the projects proposed.

Depending on the stage of their scientific career, applicants are evaluated according to either Starting, Consolidator or Advanced Grant criteria. These include major publications, in particular as first author (dependent on the publication culture of specific disciplines) in leading international journals, (translated) monographs, patents, presentations at international conferences or receiving renowned prizes and awards. Specific requirements are explained in the respective call’s Information for Applicants section.

SyG funding can be requested for up to six years with a maximum budget of 10 million euro per project. In justified cases, it is possible to request additional funding of up to 4 million euro (for example in order to acquire large project-related equipment, for the relocation of Principal Investigators (PIs) to the EU or Associated States from a third country to conduct the ERC project or for major field studies). ERC Grants cover 100 percent of a project’s total eligible direct costs. Additionally, there is a flat-rate contribution of 25 percent (based on the total eligible direct costs) to cover indirect costs.

While conducting Synergy Grant projects, PIs must devote at least 30 percent of their working time to the ERC project and also spend at least 50 percent of their working time within EU or Associated States (though the latter does not apply to PIs based in a third country). The fulfilment of these requirements must be documented.

Further application requirements can be found here.

Results of previous calls for proposals

Information on previous calls listed by funding line, year, domain and country can be found on the ERC website.

The results of all previous Synergy Grant calls are briefly summarised here. The compositions of the evaluation panels can be found on our documents page.

Synergy Grant 2023

  • 395 applications were reviewed. In total of 1350 Principal Investigators (PI)  from 1236 host institutions applied. An average proposed project involves three principal investigators and has a budget of about €9.4 million.
  • Budget: 300 million euro for an estimated 30 Synergy Grants.
  • The highest number of principal investigators comes from German (197) and Italian (143) institutions.
  • Press Release (6 February 2023)

Synergy Grant 2022

  • 359 applications were reviewed and 29 projects with a total of 105 Principal Investigators (PI) selected for funding.
  • Budget: 295 million euro
  • 23 Principal Investigators with German Host Institutions were involved in 14 projects.
  • Press Release (25 October 2022)
  • Examples of selected projects
  • List of selected projects (28. October 2022)
  • Reserve List including further selected prjects (13. December 2022)

Synergy Grant 2019

Synergy Grant 2018

Synergy Grant 2013

Synergy Grant 2012

  • The first call for Synergy Grants (SyG-2012) received a total of 710 applications.
  • 11 projects were funded (with an average project budget of 11.5 million euro).
  • Four of these projects were primarily based (corresponding Host Institution) in Germany. Some projects involved multiple host institutions, in some cases from several countries.
  • Press Release (17. December 2012)
  • The list of selected projects
  • Panel Chairs of the ERC Peer Review Panels