European Innovation Ecoystems (EIE)

This programme aims to bundle measures for the improved use of innovation potential and innovation ecosystems as well as encourage, stimulate and maximise innovation and cooperation among national, regional and local innovation actors.

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Innovation ecosystems enable innovation and development at regional level. They are the result of collaborations between stakeholders such as universities, research and technology organisations, companies, venture capitalists and public policy makers.

The quality of innovation ecosystems is crucial for a better connected, more inclusive, more dynamic and more sustainable European Union. These innovation ecosystems need to be strengthened through collaboration, networking, the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as the development of open innovation processes. Member States, Associated States as well as EU regions and their key stakeholders are encouraged to promote innovation by participating in concrete results-based initiatives. They can participate in the European Innovation Council (EIC) Forum, in joint innovation programmes, in joint programmes to scale-up enterprises and in joint education strategies where they can share their insights and experiences. Synergies with other EU programmes, with national or regional programmes and funds as well as close cooperation with private entities are to be encouraged.

CONNECT – Connected ecosystems

Actions under the CONNECT objective aim to build connected, inclusive innovation ecosystems across the EU. By increasing the inclusion and interconnection of less represented regions and actors into a more strongly integrated European ecosystem, the EU can capitalise on the experience, needs, visions, and perceptions of an increasingly diverse range of people, companies and places. In doing so, it can also take forward a uniquely inclusive European innovation model that is sustainable, guards against substantial labour market and wage gaps, and associated threats to territorial and social cohesion.

SCALE UP Europe– Scaling up the innovation of European enterprises

The actions within the SCALE UP destination focus on reinforcing network connectivity within and between innovation ecosystems for sustainable business growth with high societal value.

Partnership on Innovative SMES

A part of the budget from the European Innovation Ecosystems work programme  in Horizon Europe is allocated into the funding programme "Eurostars 3". As a joint funding programme of EUREKA and the European Commission, Eurostars is part of the European Partnership on Innovative SMEs. This partnership is co-financed by the European Union through Horizon Europe.

Applicants interested in applying under "Eurostars 3" can find all relevant information on the Eurostars website (in German only).