Federal and State Government Dialogue

The Federal and State Government Dialogue is the centra­­­l exchange platform for synergy-related topics between specialist departments at federal and state level.

Outline of a map of Germany which is pigmented in the colours of the German flag: black, red and yellow. On top of it, there are white dots of different sizes connected by several white lines to a kind of network. In the blurred background, there is a person pointing at this figure.

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The more research, innovation, territorial and societal development in addition to other topics become intertwined in Europe, the more necessary the exchange between responsible specialist departments and the bodies overseeing funding programmes becomes.

The Synergies Dialogue

  • enables the strategic coordination of funding programmes and
  • is an information and networking platform for the departments involved.

Additionally, the Synergies Dialogue offers a suitable framework for discussing research and innovation topics that are of wider political interest, such as innovative public procurement at federal and state level in addition to the initiation of processes.

The platform is firmly anchored in the partnership agreement between Germany and the European Commission for the implementation of EU cohesion policy and corresponding programmes in Germany.

The graphic shows the groups involved in the synergy dialogue: Federal Government, federal states, applicants, advisory services, stakeholders, experts, as well as its objective: information on topical issues, exchange of experiences, networking.

National Dialogue on Synergies Horizon Europe and the European Structural and Investment Funds

 Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The Federal and State Working Group “SynBLAG”

This working group consists of representatives from the departments at state and federal level responsible for the innovation strategies and the operational programmes of the European Structural Funds and Horizon Europe.

Good Practice in Europe

The platform has become firmly established in recent years. The dialogue was officially launched in November 2014 with its first working group meeting. In addition to the “SynBLAG” meetings, workshops and training courses for programme planners and counselling centres focussed on specific topics or aimed at certain target groups are also offered. The first workshops took place in 2012 and 2014.