Expected adaptations in the ERC Work Programme 2024

Research evaluation with a focus on the project: Applications will continue to be evaluated on the sole criterion of scientific excellence. The groundbreaking character, ambition and feasibility of the research project will be evaluated primarily. At the same time, intellectual capacity, creativity and commitment of the PI will be assessed, with a focus on the extent to which the applicant has the excellence and scientific expertise required to successfully carry out the proposed project.

Combination of CV and Track Record: The CV and Track Record are combined in the application (maximum 4 pages). Common biographical information, a list of up to ten research outputs demonstrating how knowledge in the respective field has been advanced (focus on recent achievements), and a list of selected examples demonstrating significant peer recognition (e.g. awards) are requested. A brief explanation of the significance of the selected results and the PI's role in producing them may be included.

Applicants may also include information on career breaks, unusual career paths, and particularly noteworthy contributions to the research community. This information will not in themselves be evaluated, but is important to provide context for the panels.

Evaluation procedure from step 1 to step 2: For Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants and Advanced Grants, a maximum of 44 applications per panel will be admitted to the second step of the evaluation. In the first step, a distinction is made between "A invited" (admitted to step 2) and "A not invited" (not admitted to step 2) for applications with the grade "A". “A”-proposals that are not invited to the second step can be resubmitted at the next call.

Lump sum funding for Advanced Grants: 2024 Advanced Grants will be awarded as a single lump sum contribution for the entirety of the project. The lump sum will be paid on the basis of the work carried out and reported, regardless of the actual costs incurred for the project or the successful outcome of the project activities. Additional funding requested will be included in the lump sum. The portability of the ERC grant is maintained.

This information is subject to the formal adoption of the ERC Work Programme 2024. Changes are possible. The adoption and subsequent publication of the work programme is planned for July.

The press release with further details can be found here.