Tentative call dates for 2024

The ERC has published the anticipated call dates for 2024. There will be two deadlines for the Proof of concept and no longer three.

  • StG Call opens 11.07.2023, Call closes 24.10.2023, Budget in Mio. EUR 601
  • CoG Call opens 12.09.2023, Call closes 12.12.2023, Budget in Mio. EUR 584
  • AdG Call opens 29.05.2024, Call closes 29.08.2024, Budget in Mio. EUR 578
  • SyG Call opens 12.07.2023, Call closes 08.11.2023, Budget in Mio. EUR 400
  • PoC Call opens 16.11.2023 Call closes 14.03.2024 und 17.09.2024, Budget in Mio. EUR 30

Please note: These call dates are subject to formal adoption of the ERC Work Programme 2024 and are subject to change.

More information at Evaluation of ERC grant proposals: what to expect in 2024 | ERC (europa.eu)