ERC Starting Grant 2023: Facts and figures published

On 22 November 2022 the ERC published facts and figures concerning the ERC Starting Grants 2023 proposals (deadline 25 October 2022). A total of 2,696 proposals had been received. This is a decrease of 8 percent compared to the previous year.

Most applications in 2023 were submitted in Physical Sciences and Engineering (1,151 – 43 percent), followed by Social Science and Humanities (814 – 30 percent) and Life Sciences (731 – 27 percent). Women submitted just under 40 percent of the applications. In the 2022 call, the figure was 41 percent, while in the 2021 call it also reached 40 percent.

The ERC Work Programme earmarked EUR 628 million for an estimated number of 407 Starting Grants in 2022.

The ERC will now evaluate the proposals. The projects selected will be announced in summer 2023.

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