ERC portraits: Giving ERC a face

Glühbirne, in deren Innerem Blätter wachsen

Foto: Richard Newstead / Getty Images

Here, we present successful ERC grantees and EU liaison officers. The portraits illustrate the full spectrum of ERC-funded projects, institutions and researchers. Further, EU liaison officers provide valuable insights in their work supporting applicants from initial information on the ERC to project to financial management of the grant.

  • © Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

    ERC portrait: Dr. Blazej Grabowski and Dr. Katja Hübel

    Modern material science is based on atomistic computer simulations. For these, huge timescales must be overcome – from femtoseconds to hours. In his project TIME-BRIDGE Blazej Grabowski will describe the thus far missing time interval between nanoseconds and hours using a novel method of atomistic simulation.

  • © Helle Ulrich

    ERC portrait: Prof. Dr. Helle Ulrich, Franziska Hornig and Katharina Zeller

    With her ERC project, Prof. Helle Ulrich investigates a DNA repair system which contributes to the prevention of cancer and ageing processes. She is supported in project management by the EU liaison officers Katharina Zeller and Franziska Hornig at the Institute for Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz.

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