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ERC Interview Trainings

Who can participate?

The interview trainings of the ERC NCP address applicants for ERC Starting Grants who have been invited to an interview in Brussels.

They are aimed at applicants with German Host Institutions and will be held in English.

Please note that an official invitation to the interview in Brussels by ERC EA is required for registration.

Purpose of the training

The trainings will give you the opportunity to practise and simulate your interview and to receive individual feedback from a professional rhetoric coach. Therefore it will be mandatory to prepare your presentation according to your panel instructions and to perform it during the training!

Further, a successful grantee from the previous year will share his or her experience and the ERC NCP will provide additional information.

Application process

Please select your preferred training for the appropriate domain and apply (dates and registration link see below).

Please keep in mind that places for the trainings are limited and quickly booked out. There for make sure to register in time!

All trainings are free of charge, follow the same format and focus mostly on a particular domain.


Due to our experiences from previous trainings the application process is the following:

You may participate in one training only. If you are registered for two or more trainings only the first valid application will be accepted. Further applications will be cancelled automatically and will be invalid.
Be careful of your choice as no changes (regarding date or location) will be possible.

The number of participants is limited (maximum 9 candidates per training). We will notify candidates in order of their registration. The information process can take up to 3 days due to administrative reasons of the application process. We will start to inform the candidates who have registered first and receive a place in the training. In a next step we will inform all applicants who will not get a training option. 

If you were not successful with your registration, you will be put on a waiting list and will be notified automatically at a later stage during registration process when a place is becomes vacant.

Should trainings be fully booked already, you may register for the webinar as well. The information provided in the webinar will be the same as in the trainings. Please do not register for the webinar if you have a training place.

Training dates: Starting Grants 2020: All dates to be determined!

  • Social Sciences & Humanities (SH):
  • Domain open:
  • Interview Training designed to meet specific personality needs
  • Physical Sciences & Engineering (PE):
  • Life Sciences (LS):
  • Webinar online: Webinar (online)



All trainings are organized by ERC NCP in Germany. Trainings in Berlin will be organized by DLR PT, trainings in Bonn will be organized by KoWi. All trainings are free of charge and are identically structured.

The trainings will take place at the following locations:

Berlin: DLR Projektträger, Grenanderhaus, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin

Bonn: Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen (KoWi), Genscherallee 2, 53113 Bonn