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The National Contact Point ERC is a cooperation between the EU-Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (EU-Büro des BMBF) and the European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi).



ERC Advanced Grants

ERC Advanced Grants support excellent and investigator-initiated research projects by leading advanced researchers of any nationality. Applicants may be at any stage of their research career if they have a track-record of significant research achievements of the last 10 years.

Depending on their individual research field, applicants will be expected to match the following benchmarks: publications as senior author in major international journals, (translated) monographs, patents, conference presentations, research expeditions, involvement in the organization of international conferences, and recognition through scientific prizes/awards or memberships in well-recognised academies.

Advanced Grants in brief:

Who is qualified: established researchers of any nationality with an outstanding 10-year-track-record

Budget and duration of the funding: up to EUR 2.5 million for a maximum of 5 years (an additional top-up of up to EUR 1 million can be granted)

Topic of the project: open to all fields of research ("bottom-up")

What will be funded: 100 % direct costs plus 25 % overhead for indirect costs

Host institution: universities/universities of applied sciences, research institutes, companies and international organisations with registered offices in an EU Member State or FP-Associated Country

Application: one-step submission online at specific deadlines and two-step evaluation

Evaluation: Proposals submitted for the ERC are being evaluated by independent experts within an internationaly oriented peer-review-procedure
The sole selection criterion is scientific excellence. This applies to the profile of the principle investigator as well as to the project idea. Marks will be given for both criteria (A/B/C).

Step 1 (only part B1 will be evaluated):

  • A: of sufficient quality to pass to Step 2 of the evaluation
  • B: of high quality but not sufficient to pass to Step 2
  • C: of insufficient quality

Step 2 (full proposal will be evaluated) :

  • A: project is recommended for funding
  • B: project is not recommended for funding

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Open Calls

Tentative Open calls are published via the Funding & tender Portal.

The opening of the Advanced Grant Call 2021 will be on 20. May 2021, the deadline will be on 31 August 2021.

Tentative dates Call 2022

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Results of previous Calls

Results of the previous calls (list of funded projects and statistics) can be found at the ERC website.


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